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Welcome to the website of the non-profit association e.V. which is located in Marburg, Germany. We (66 members and all supporters, [1]) are a group of researchers and enthusiasts with a strong interest in distributed computing.

To achieve our goal of creating a world-wide awareness of the fascinating and powerful possibilities of distributed and grid computing, we

  • founded in 2005 a registered non-profit association (the so-called e.V.) to be able to contribute to distributed computing on a more professional level.
  • created a platform (Yoyo@home) - which went live in 2007 - for the integration of non-boinc-distributed computing-projects to the BOINC infrastructure (just contact us for help).
  • are working together with individual scientists, professional institutions like universities or the media to employ distributed computing to advance science, research and educational purposes. Some of these activities can be found in the table here.
  • have an e-Library of professional literature which either was published by the operators of the distributed computing projects themselves or relates to their works; is a foundation for these projects; or uses, extends, verifies methods of these projects.
  • participate in nearly every available project - everybody here is free to crunch whatever project he or she likes most. We initiate activities called challenges/races to foster cohesion not only inside the team but also with other groups - a nice side effect when helping distributed computing projects.
  • use our total annual budget of

2842 €.

Our wiki pages, in particular finished projects, are mostly in German, but you may visit our english board and have some fun talking to our members (e.g. in the chat). Active, newer projects are more and more translated into English and Portuguese.

We like the idea of people coming together to support scientific projects by joining their Internet-connected computing capabilities.